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The Do’s and Don’ts of Touring a Home for Sale in Central Florida

Posted by Tim Weisheyer on Jun 6, 2016 10:54:24 AM

Gone may be the days of Sunday afternoon open houses. With everything you can find on the internet, and so many living a fast-paced lifestyle, you just can’t wait until Sunday to tour a house when you think you’ve found your dream home. They say the early bird gets the worm, and the same goes for the buyer who sets up a tour of a home they think could be “the one”.

But when it comes to a showing, there are a few do’s and don’ts of touring a home for sale in Central Florida that buyers should be aware of… if you’ve ever sold a home yourself, you’ll probably already have an idea of what we’re going to share.


Do: Let your REALTOR® handle all communication with the seller and their REALTOR®.

This would include gathering what you may deem to be just basic information about the home. This will ensure everything is handled exactly how it should be and avoid confusion and potential conflicts.

Don’t: Set the up showing yourself.

As much as you may want to take charge and get things done, you could actually jeopardize your potential transaction. Allowing your REALTOR® to do their job and work within industry standards and procedures will ultimately set you up for greater success in the long run. In other words, don’t put the cart before the horse.

Do: Show up on time to your scheduled showing.

While this may just be one house that you’re looking at, you may be the 7th person to schedule a showing to see it that day. Remember, home tours may be timed just right to fit everyone in without any overlapping. Besides, would you want someone else crashing your showing by not being at their scheduled appointment on time?

Don’t: Forget the seller’s efforts to accommodate your showing request.

Have you sold a home before? If you have, then you know that showing your home to prospective buyers means a few things on your part in preparation. Not only do you have to make sure everything is cleaned up and the house is looking its best, but you have to make arrangements to be somewhere else while the prospective buyers are there. If you’re late in seeing the home, it may cause scheduling issues for the seller and their familynot a good way to start negotiations.

Do: Come prepared.

Bring a list of must-haves you’re looking for in your dream home and check them off as you walk through the house. If you bring a tablet (okay, or paper and a pen) with you, you’re ready to take notes as you find things worth remembering. Better yet? Bring a measuring tape and the sizes for your favorite pieces of furniture and make sure they’ll fit in the new rooms you’re scoping out.


Don’t: Be flippant during the tour.

It’s important you treat the home how you’d want your own home to be treated. It is important everyone stays together during the home tour and, if you have small children, it may be beneficial to bring something to entertain them during the showing. This will allow you to focus on the home, the real reason you’re there in the first place.

Do: Ask before taking pictures, opening doors, or sitting on furniture.

Your REALTOR® is there to help answer any questions you may have during the showing, and being respectful by asking to open a door (even if it’s one you’re pretty sure just leads to a closet or bathroom) or to take pictures of a space you really want to remember shows you are taking the showing seriously.

Don’t: Act like the home is already your home.

While you may find yourself “at home” the minute you step through the front door, it’s not your home yet. If you need to use the restroom while you’re there, be sure to ask first. Likewise, be mindful of what you say (especially if the seller has stayed for the showing). You may find the color on the walls to be hideous, but remember, the seller probably picked that color, and your honest observation may be construed as an offensive comment.

Do: Feel free to talk with your REALTOR® during the showing.

It’s perfectly okay to ask him or her questions about the home in order to really understand more about the space you’re interested in buying. Your REALTOR® is committed to helping you find the right home and many times can serve as a valuable, objective advisor in the process.

Don’t: Get too involved in your conversations, especially when it comes to talking about wanting to put in an offer or anything along those lines.

Your REALTOR® will want to sit down with you outside of the home in order to really talk through the next steps if this home is “the one”. Even though all parties may be enjoying friendly conversations during the showing, you may reveal too much and say something that will negatively impact your REALTOR®'s ability to negotiate the best terms and price for you.

The way you act and the things you say or do during a home showing will be something the seller will pick up on. When you’ve finally found the home you want to call yours, you don’t want a bad impression to affect your chance at signing on the dotted line and getting those keys placed in your hand. Your offer may not be the only offer on the table, but following these do’s and don’ts of touring a home will bring you one step closer to “home, sweet home”.


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