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Buying a Home With Your Dog in Tow

Posted by Tim Weisheyer on Mar 8, 2016 11:46:08 AM

It's commonly said that man's best friend is his dog. For many, these four-legged furry friends are a deciding factor in many of the things we do in life, and buying a home with your dog in tow is no different.

So... are there things you need to consider when buying a home if you're a pet owner? You bet! A big move won't only impact your life, but your dog's life, too.

Is there enough space, inside and out, for you AND your dog? 

The size of your dog (and how many people are in your family) should be something you consider when finding the right size space to call home. As an example, if you're the owner of a larger breed dog such as a Saint Bernard or Great Dane, buying a condo or townhouse may be out of the question. Not only do they need space, but so do you, and a smaller home may not offer you the same luxuries as something with a little more square footage inside or out.

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