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Living in the 21st Century: Smart Home Technology

Posted by Tim Weisheyer on Feb 22, 2017 11:40:23 AM

smart home technology Smart home technology has become increasingly popular with the rise of smartphone integration and in-home technology. From thermostats to televisions, smart locks to refrigerators, smart home features are becoming more and more prevalent in the 21st century home.

We've compiled a list of key smart home features that all tech-savvy homeowners should know about. 

Smart home technology is an exciting idea for many homeowners, especially those who are tech-savvy, interested in simplifying everyday tasks or looking to use utilities more efficiently.

Smart Doorbells

These are one of the newest trends in smart home technology and are a great way to keep you and your family safe. They offer peace of mind and a new way to keep a close eye on the front of your home, even when you aren’t home. Once installed, the camera on the doorbell syncs with your smartphone, allowing you to see who is at your front door. Many of the new smart doorbells offer sensing capabilities as well, so you are alerted when movement happens at your door, not just when the doorbell has actually sounded. 

Smart Locks

Gone are the days of locking yourself out of your home or having to keep a house key on your person at all times. Smart locks are not only more convenient than traditional locks, they also provide heightened security, allowing homeowners to have 24/7 control over who has access to their home, and send updates to your mobile device whenever someone enters or leaves your home. Many smart lock systems also allow homeowners to visually verify who is at the door and allow you to check that your home is secure from anywhere with WiFi access. 

Smart Refrigerators

You've probably seen the Samsung commercials featuring Dax Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, promoting Samsung's smart refrigerators. Not only are they a pretty comical couple, they help educate consumers on how easy things like stocking your fridge can be when you own a smart refrigerator. Many smart refrigerators have WiFi enabled touchscreens that allow you to manage your groceries, connect with your family, keep track of your calendar, and more! 

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are probably the most well-known piece of smart home technology, but one that many homeowners have yet to purchase for their homes. Smart thermostats work through an app enabled on your mobile device and allow you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere. This is a great tool because of the potential savings you’ll realize on your utility bill.

Smart Light Bulbs/Wall Switches

These smart home devices allow you to control the color, intensity, and function of the lighting in your home from a mobile device or voice assistant like Amazon Alexa.

Any of these smart home features can help simplify your everyday tasks and help make your home more efficient. Keep your eye on our blog to learn more about the best smart home devices and smart home technology trends. 

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