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5 Ways a Tech Savvy REALTOR® Can Save You Time and Money When Buying or Selling a Home

Posted by Tim Weisheyer on Mar 11, 2015 12:44:17 PM

Whether you are buying or selling a home, technology is a big factor when it comes time to finding the home of your dreams or getting the best price for property you have listed.

Your home is likely the most valuable asset you have, so you want a REALTOR® who is experienced in using the latest technology working for you. A tech-savvy REALTOR® can save you time and money when buying or selling a home.

5 ways a tech savvy realtor can save you time and money when buying or selling a home

How can technology make the difference? We’ve come up with five ways technology in the hands of your REALTOR® can work for you:


You’re busy. You are juggling a career, family and other demands, so you want a REALTOR® who quickly communicates with you on your needs. Whether it is by email, text, phone, chats or video call, you want someone who knows how to communicate with you via the best method that suits you.

Social Media

How much does your REALTOR® know about sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+? About 64 percent of all Americans are on Facebook and 30 percent get their news from that site alone. If your REALTOR® isn’t adept at using social media, you’re missing out on a growing segment of consumers and potential buyers or sellers of your property.


Does your REALTOR® frequently update his or her website? Do they blog about industry issues and post links to those blogs on social media? A website with those features is going to attract more people to it. Today’s buying and selling is all about eyeballs and the more eyeballs on a website, the more potential buyers and sellers reached.

Access to documents

Whether it be offers, counter offers or contracts, there is a lot of documents involved in any real estate transaction. The speed that those documents can be reviewed, signed and returned can make or break a sale. Do they utilize cutting-edge technology and software with eSigning capabilities to send you links to documents you can read, review and return quickly? Or, does he or she rely on printing out documents and delivering them to you in days rather than minutes?


We use our phones to do more than talk these days. They are our cameras, video recorders and the desktop computers of yesterday sitting in our pocket. If your REALTOR'S® website does not function well on mobile devices or they don't have a mobile app, you are missing out on people who may sell their home to you or buy your property.

When you are buying or selling real estate, you want someone who is using all the tools available to get the property or price you want. Embracing technology means that your REALTOR® is doing whatever it takes to meet your real estate needs.

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