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Dream Builders Realty in one word || part 2

Posted by Tim Weisheyer on Sep 9, 2014 8:00:00 PM

A few weeks ago, we had a some of our agents describe Dream Builders Realty in one word. We asked them to tell us the one word that came to mind when thinking about what it means to work for Dream Builders Realty and to give us a little meaning behind why they chose that word. It has been a great way to get a little insight on the company dynamics and what makes Dream Builders Realty a quality real estate agency to work with in Central Florida.

This week we are going to share a few more of the words our agents came up with. This has quickly turned into a three part series because our agents have so much to say when it comes to thinking about Dream Builders Realty and what it means to them. 





From Becky Chirillo & Matthew Vetger

The word: flexible

The reason: (Just a little preface on this one...when you first look at this word, you might think these two chose the easy way out when it comes to picking a word, but the reasoning behind it really tells the story of being a great real estate agent today)

MattVetgerBoth agents agreed that the reason behind choosing flexible came from not only being able to have a job that lets them be flexible with the things they do on their own personal time (like managing a family or having another job on the side—which is great, don't get us wrong!) but so much more. Being a real estate agent means you must be flexible for your client. The needs of each person you work with can vary drastically, and you need to be able to bend and form to meet their needs in order to get the job done. There are not many jobs out there that essentially let you pick the days and hours that work best for you, but remembering that the needs of others sometimes come first make this flexible job easier to do when you are having to change your schedule to meet the needs of someone else. 


welcomehomeFrom Melissa Nazario

The word: welcoming

The reason: I chose welcoming because whenever you are working with the Dream Builders Realty team (whether as a customer or as a fellow employee) you feel so welcomed. From the first minute you meet anyone at Dream Builders Realty you feel like part of the family. It's hard not to love working here (or being a customer either!) when you walk away at the end of the day feeling like you were taken care of the same way your mom, or your sister, or your brother would have taken care of you in the same situation. It really goes to show how valued each person is that walks through our doors.



Find out what the rest of our team had to say for their one little word in our first post. If you've ever been a client of Dream Builders Realty, we'd love to hear the one word you'd use to sum up your thoughts as well! Leave a comment!


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