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A Comparison of the HOA Fees in Your Favorite Osceola County Neighborhoods

Posted by Tim Weisheyer on Nov 30, 2016 2:20:30 PM

There are a number of popular neighborhoods in Osceola County that home buyers, like yourself, are flocking to when trying to find their dream home. And because many of these neighborhoods are newer, or offer community amenities, they often have HOA or CDD fees attached to them. 

comparison of hoa fees in osceola county neighborhoods

We've previously shared about the difference between HOA fees and CDD fees, but we thought you may also be interested in a quick rundown of your favorite Osceola County neighborhoods and the fees associated with each one. 

Bellalago $125/month • Bellalago and Isles of Bellalago Community Association, Inc. (managed by Evergreen Lifestyles Management) dues
$140/month • Bellalago Club (managed by Evergreen Lifestyles Management) dues
Celebration $287.39/month • Town Center Condominium Association dues
$350-$450/year • Celebration Foundation dues (vary based on village)
$227.85/quarter • Celebration Residential (managed by CCMC) dues
$227.50/quarter • Celebration Artisan Park (managed by CCMC) dues
Harmony $125.97/year or $84.43/year • Harmony Residential Owners Association, Inc. (managed by First Service Residential) dues (depending on lot size)
$561/quarter • Ashley Park at Harmony HOA (managed by Titan Management) dues
Stevens Plantation $196/year • Steven’s Plantation Residential Owners Association (managed by Leland Management) dues

$78/month • The Enclave at Tapestry Neighborhood Association (managed by Access Residential Management) dues
$626/year • Preserve at Tapestry HOA (managed by Titan Management) dues
*These fees are based on an analysis of fees as of October 2016. Please note that fees are subject to change in each community and this table is just to give you an idea of monthly, quarterly, and yearly costs in these communities. Please note, this doesn’t include the CDD dues, which would be collected on the property taxes.

From Bellalago to Harmony to Tapestry, these neighborhoods have a lot to offer, and when comparing homes it is important to know what is included and the additional costs associated with the amenities in each community.

In sharing these numbers with you, our hope is that you'll be one step closer to finding the right community to call home. If you're still unsure, or have further questions about any one of these neighborhoods, we'd be happy to sit down and talk with you. At Dream Builders Realty, our motto is "Achieving Your American Dream!". 



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