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What to Know When Selling Your Land in Central Florida

Posted by Keith Trace on Apr 9, 2014 8:00:00 PM


 Information is key when trying to sell your land in Central Florida. The more information you can present to potential buyers the better. This information will also help your Realtor® accurately determine the listing price and effectively market your property. Below are some important factors that have to be communicated about your land to potential buyers:

Future Land Use:

This is a document put in place by the city or county to shape the way the area grows.

Zoning Restrictions:

These rules are implemented by a city or county to ensure a minimum quality standard of development.


Not having adequate utilities close to a property can drastically increase the development costs of the land. 



This will show buyers the exact property lines of what is included in the purchase price.

Title policy:

Having a clean title is key for selling your property. You can perform a title search to find out if the property currently has any liens. 


Some older subdivisions have properties without legal access to public roads. This can be a costly situation to fix. The title policy and survey can help bring an access issue to light.


If local roads, utilities or schools are over capacity the property may be un-developable until capacity becomes available. Some properties already have certain entitlements (such as saving seats in schools for future families of unbuilt neighborhoods nearby) to capacity but keep in mind that these entitlements typically have expiration dates.

Sales Information:

An analysis on comparable, recent property sales in the area help to determine the appropriate listing price of your property. 

We hope you find this post helpful when it is time to sell your land in Central Florida, untl then, let Dream Builders Realty help you find out what your land is worth. 

what is my land worth?

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