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Selling 101: How to decorate for the holidays when selling your home

Posted by Tim Weisheyer on Dec 8, 2017 10:58:00 AM


Staging your home to sell is key. Proper staging can help potential buyers feel like your house truly is their dream home and may even sway them to sign on the dotted line. But selling your home during the holiday season can leave you wondering, what is the best way to decorate with holiday cheer without turning off potential buyers?

Here are a few easy ways to decorate for the holidays when selling your home.



Keep outdoor lighting simple.

While your neighbors might have gone all out with a beautiful light show set to Christmas carols, it’s best to keep your outdoor lighting simple when you’re trying to sell your home. A string of white lights draped around your home is a tasteful way to look festive, but not overdone. Remember, you want potential buyers to remember the best features of your home, rather than your decorations.



Consider your current decor.

 If your current interior decor features a lot of personal touches like artwork or a decorative theme like nautical, think about how your holiday decorations fit or clash with what is already in your home. A green and red garland might not be complementary to an abstract painting or light blue walls. White snowflakes or silver tinsel are probably the safer bet.



Try using scents.

A candle scented like a balsam fir or cinnamon apple cider simmering on the stove can give your home a warm and inviting feeling, while also being a subtle way to bring Christmas cheer.



Use decor to highlight key features.

A beautiful entryway can be accentuated with a festive wreath and mistletoe hanging in the doorway. Use this as an opportunity to draw potential buyers’ eyes to the best features in your home.



Be mindful of space.

Before putting up your Christmas tree, take stock of how much space you have. A spacious living room can instantly be dwarfed by an oversized tree. Consider removing the coffee table or loveseat to maintain floor space.

Selling your home during the holidays can be hectic, but when in doubt, it’s better to do less than more. The key to successfully staging your home - in any season - is to keep things simple. You want potential buyers to see your home, not your decorations, regardless of how beautiful they may be.

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